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Conference Invitation: Larry Mathis


  • Conference invitation
  • Flyer: On the Other Side of the Track






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-----Original Message-----
From: Shannon Carter
Sent: Mon 2/7/2011 12:01 PM
To: Mathis, Larry
Cc: Hallmark@Mind.net; Luca Morazzano
Subject: Re: Norris Community and Matters related to the Norris Community Club
Dear Dr. Mathis--

I am so excited to hear from you, and I cannot tell you how very much I appreciate
this information about the impact of Mr. Hallmark's article and these other important
details. More on the article below, but first: 

I will absolutely call to invite Mr. Evans to join us on this panel, in an honored
position on the program and alongside these very important community leaders like Mr.
Reed, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Hallmark. I would also very much like to invite you to join
this panel, Mr. Mathis. In addition to the names McArthur Evans, Allan Hallmark, and
Billy Reed, yours is a name that comes up time and again as instrumental in pushing
forward this important movement. 

Conference details can be found at http://writingdemocracy.weebly.com and attached. 

I am also very grateful to you for Mr. Evans' contact information. He is one of the
leaders with whom Dr. Conrad and I most wanted to speak, but we did not have direct
access to his contact information. We do now, and I will try to call him later today.
Should you or anyone else connected to this wish to contact me, my cell number is
903-366-1767 and I welcome your call. 

I will also contact our archivist about getting a digital copy of that wonderful
article that helped spark a movement. I ran across that very same article early in my
research, before names like Hallmark's had etched themselves into my consciousness.
My photocopy was incomplete, and for some reason I never thought to follow up on its
author. Now that I know it was Hallmarks, my research has come full circle in ways
that have me beyond excited about its possibilities and the amazing people I've met
along the way. 

As soon as I get my hands on a copy, I will get it to you. 

I would also like to invite you (and Mr. Evans)  to join us on February 21st at our
campus for a screening of a documentary called "The Other Side of the
Track," which was completed only very recently and hasn't yet been screened in
public. Flyer is attached. Stars of the documentary include Mr. Reed, who stands
proud and articulate to teach us so much about our history and ourselves. 

Thank you for reaching out to me. I just can't begin to tell you what you note has
meant to me, my research, and my pursuit of one of the most important periods in our
city's modern history. To shake virtual hands with one of Billy Reed's dearest
friends . . . Well, it is truly an honor, sir. I have the utmost fondness and respect
for Mr. Reed, a respect and admiration that grows all the time. 

I will follow up soon, after speaking with Mr. Evans and contacting our archivist for
a copy of that article.

Shannon Carter

Shannon Carter, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Department of Literature and Languages
Texas A&M-Commerce

On 2/7/11 10:46 AM, "Mathis, Larry" <Lmathis@auroragov.org> wrote:

    Dr. Carter..
    I have been in dialogue with my friend Billy W. Reed of the Norris Community and
Allen Hallmark., author of an awesome article(written many, many years ago) on the
Norris Community in Commerce Texas. Both shared some information about an upcoming
conference that will include some discussion on the Norris Community and/ or the
Norris Community Club.
    I'm So Excited
    that this dialogue will take place. In addition, I understand that Allen, my
friend and Mentor and former boss, Dean Ivory Moore and the best friend that I have
in the whole wide world, Billy W. Reed will be part of these discussions.  
    Please consider the following Request:
    Inviting McArthur Evans, a student at the University at that time, and who after
reading Allen's article felt a call to action and decided to walk the streets of the
Norris Community to identify leadership within that community.  This leadership in
his view, would need to be credible with the Community and also be willing and
courageous enough to address the living conditions and other issues that Allen so
vividly pointed out in his article. It was doing this search for leadership that he
was introduced to Billy W. Reed. Billy Reed was a common man with an un common
passion for his community. Persons from the University would have thought the
Community would have selected AC Williams, a principal or Harry Champion, a Counselor
and or Administrator with the Commerce School District, but Billy W. Reed was the
Norris Communities' choice for a leader who they would willingly follow. And when
asked, Billy raised his hand and decided to, in the words of Dr. Talbot, Professor in
the Student Personnel and Guidance Department at that time,  "Stand to
Serve." McArthur Evans, then worked in concert with the Community to help to get
it organized. A remnant of that organizing was the Norris Community Club. And so,
because of McArthur's heartfelt passion that was fueled by Allen's article and his
contribution to the Community, I would recommend that you consider inviting him down
for the conference.  Although extremely articulate, he would not require a seat on
the panel nor any place of high visibility, only a seat in the room.
    Contact Information For McArthur Evans
    Telephone # 903. 592-8118. He lives in Tyler Texas and does not have an email
    And Also..
    Please consider emailing me a copy of Allen Hallmark's  article on the Norris
Community. I believe his title was "Cross the Tracks or the "Other Side of
the Tracks." Because I was one of the original Coordinators recruited by
McArthur Evans, I would also like to receive more information on the Conference to
include Date, times and locations.
    Know that your work is Valued and Appreciated..
    Larry "Doc" Mathis


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